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​Massage Therapy
Varying in styles from clothed modalities (such as Thai, Shiatsu, or seated chair massage) and oiled (or lotion) modalities (such as Swedish, LomiLomi, Sports, deep-tissue, or relaxation massage), the appropriate massage will be utilized as determined by your expert licensed massage therapist. We urge clients to contact our office to help determine the appropriate session duration based on their wellness needs & goals.

Massage Therapy Sessions
30 minutes.....$30.00            75 minutes.....$75.00
45 minutes.....$45.00            90 minutes.....$90.00
60 minutes.....$60.00            2 hours..........$120.00

Spa Facial Massage (45 minutes)...............$45.00

Shiatsu (60 minutes)............$60.00 (Hot Stones not applied in Shiatsu sessions.)

Add-Ons for Massage Therapy Sessions
Hot Stones.....$5.00 (available in massages with Theresa, Caroline, or Alliza)
Cupping...........$5.00 (available in massages with Theresa or Alliza)

It may feel  like a hand or foot massage, but Reflexology is in fact not massage. It is a technique based on the premise that there are reflex points and zones in the feet and hands that "reflect" through the body's nervous system to the corresponding tissues. Although only the hands or feet are the areas being worked on directly, the entire body benefits from this therapeutic work.

Everyone may benefit from foot or hand Reflexology, and it is an excellent alternative if modalities that involve more body contact (such as massage therapy) should not be administered on a person or is not comfortable due to positioning/movement or draping; It is a highly-effective modality that positively affects the entire body without working directly on all the areas of the body.

Reflexology Sessions
30 minutes....$30.00
45 minutes....$45.00
1 hour..............$60.00