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Spa & Other Bodywork
                                    STEAM  THERAPY
                                           We use the Steamy Wonder Spa™ system for our steam
                                           therapies, Body Mitt Scrubs, and Herbal Wraps. A steam can                                            be offered as a stand-alone service to address various
                                           issues, from some sinus & other respiratory-related
                                           (colds/coughs, asthma) to pain relief for general muscle
                                           aches & tension, fibromyalgia, & arthritis.

                                           You may also wish to combine steams with any of our other
                                           therapies, for example: Ear coning to address (upper-)
                                           respiratory; Reflexology if you wish to address the body via
                                           the nervous system & increasing the blood circulation to
                                           the soft tissues without full-body contact of a massage
                                           (where massage may be contraindicated or not desired)
                                           Paraffin dip if you're looking for more of a spa-like

                                            Steam Therapy Sessions
                                           Allow 30 minutes for total session time.
                                           Disposable spa undergarments available, or
                                           bring a change of undergarments if desired.

*Please Note* The steam tent fits on the massage table, over (never on) the client's body, & loosely over the neck & away from the face. Client has ample moving space inside.

Feel super-smooth with refreshed skin! Unlike other body scrubs that use salt or sugar mixtures or your typical store-bought exfoliating glove, a special viscose Rayon mitt is used to slough away dead skin cells & invigorate healthy tissue. Before scrubbing, you'll get to take advantage of a steam session to prepare the superficial tissues, much like the effect of a regular sauna or hot tub.

Each area scrubbed will then be cleansed with a hypo-allergenic aloe body wash & hydrated with a light skin-conditioning lotion.

Body Mitt Scrub Sessions
Allow 75 minutes for total session time.............$75.00
Disposable spa undergarments available, or bring a change of undergarments if desired.

*Please Note* Areas NOT scrubbed are the bikini zone, face, & front of neck. ALSO, it is NOT recommended to shave areas to be scrubbed at least 24 hours prior to appointment.

It may feel like a hand or foot massage, but Reflexology is in fact not massage. It is a technique based on the premise that there are reflex points and zones in the feet and hands that "reflect" through the body's nervous system to the corresponding tissues. Although only the hands or feet are the areas being worked on directly, the entire body benefits from this therapeutic work.

Everyone may benefit from foot or hand Reflexology, and it is an excellent alternative if modalities that involve more body contact (such as massage therapy) should not be administered on a person or is not comfortable due to positioning/movement or draping; It is a highly-effective modality that positively affects the entire body without working directly on all the areas of the body.

Reflexology Sessions        Reflexology On-the-Go        Couple's Reflexology
30 minutes....$30.00         45 minutes.....$50.00          45 minutes....$100.00
45 minutes....$45.00
1 hour...........$55.00

Also referred to as Auricular clearing/cleansing, Ear Coning is a process by which a long and narrow, tapered, hollow candle is lit on one end, and the non-lit end (narrower end) is gently and comfortably inserted just inside the outer ear. The candles we use are 100% non-bleached cotton dipped in 100% beeswax infused with herbs, essential oils/extracts or gem essences. When the larger end of the cone (away from the head) is lit, the smoke follows the inside spiral of the cone/candle and funnels into the ear. The purpose of this is that, by infusion with medicinal herbs, essential oils, extracts, or gem essences, is to help balance the inner ear, upper respiratory system, soothe (and sometimes diminish) headahces and dizziness caused by buildup of excess fluid, earwax/yeast or by stress which may cause the tensing muscles to pull down on the occipital lobes of the brain. In some cultures this is an age-old common household practice for children and adults alike.

Ear Coning Sessions
Allow 30-45 minutes for total session time.

Paraffin wax, when heated/metled, has a generous list of health benefits. Not only do Paraffin wax dips help to soften and smoothen rough skin (when infused with Aloe---which we use), but it helps greatly in improving the mobility/elasticity of the skin it is applied to. But the most frequent use of Paraffin wax dips is for the relief of Arthritis pain. To have a Paraffin dip only takes a short time (10-15 minutes treatment time, and just a few extra minutes to apply, cover, and later remove) but the effects are immediate and long-lasting.

Paraffin Dip Sessions
Allow 10-20 minutes for total session time.
Hands  OR  Feet.......$15.00
Hands & Feet...........$25.00

"The herbal wrap combines the ancient Egyptian custom of wrapping the body with the Far Eastern custom of using herbs in healing practices. Its purpose is the raise the body core temperature and increase perspiration which aids in the releasing of impurities from your system. An herbal wrap also helps sore, aching muscles and relaxes muscular tension which may be causing pain. Due to the nature of being wrapped and lying quietly during the treatment, a state of total relaxation will be reached by most individuals."
                                                                                            - Steve Capellini

Large muslin cloths soak in a heated mixture of organic herbs. Your herbal wrap is preceded by elevating the body's core temperature in our Steamy Wonder unit (see top of page) for 10-15 minutes. Immediately following the steam, your body (shoulders to feet--not the head) will be gently wrapped by the herb-soaked muslin cloths. Rest for about 20 minutes in a totally warm and cozy cocoon while the heated herb mixture goes to work and any tension and aches melts away.

Herbal Wrap Sessions
Allow 45 minutes for total session time
Disposable spa undergarments available, or bring a change of undergarments if desired.

Experience natural nourishment from Earth's elements. Each of these wraps begins with dry brushing--a light and gentle circular exfoliation with a soft-bristle brush. Dry brushing also stimulates the lymphatic system which additionally aids the detoxification process. Your earth mineral of choice (Dead Sea mud, seaweed, or bentonite clay) is generously applied to the body, and you are gently wrapped and allowed to rest for several minutes, allowing your own body's heat to complete the process.

*Since these are NOT heat treatments requiring the whole body shoulders-to-head to be covered (the feet are left open), enjoy --complimentary-- both a soothing scalp massage and rejuvenating mini-Reflexology treatment while the earth mineral vitalizes.

Dead Sea Mud  "Heralded by the ancients for its revitalizing forces, this pure and natural mud will clean, disinfect, and maintain the skin's natural moisture and mineral balance, leaving it silky and soft."   - Natural Formulations

Sea Kelp Body Masque  "Let your skin drink in the moisturizing antioxidants of sea kelp in this easy-to-remove peel-of mask."   - Natural Formulations

Bentonite Clay   "An excellent detoxifier, bentonite soaks up metals and poisons that can build up in the body."   - Natural Formulations

Dead Sea Mud, Sea Kelp,  or  Bentonite Clay  wrap sessions
Allow 60 minutes for total session time.
Disposable undergarments available, or bring a change of undergarments if desired.


Literally meaning "Life Force Practice". QiGong (CHEE Gong), is a Chinese modality practiced with the client fully clothed (loose clothing). QiGong uses the practitioner's deep, non-judgmental focus (as in a prayer for your highest good) and touches gently on the client's body and slightly over the client's body to restore smooth Qi (life force) flow. It is deeply relaxing, supportive and emotionally balancing.

QiGong Sessions
45 minutes.....$45.00
1 hour............$55.00

QiGong + Shiatsu Combo
90 minutes to 2 hours.....$70.00