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Online scheduling

Policy & FAQ

Payment is due at the time of service. Paying before or after your appointment is up to you. Some people prefer to pay first so they may spend a few more minutes relaxing at the end. Some mainstream gift certificates, such as Spafinder for example, require you to present them before the appointment to verify that the remaining GC credit is sufficient for the desired service. Accepted payment methods are:


HEALING ARTS in-office or online-purchased gift certificates

SPAFINDER WELLNESS 365 gift certificates


SPAFINDER WELLNESS 365 ScripNow (printed or on your device)



At this time, we do not offer billing, & we do not accept insurance. If you have a FLEX or Health Savings account, you may be able to use the expense of some of our therapies.
We are happy to provide a hand-written or electronic (if paid by credit/debit) receipt for transactions.

There will be a $30.00 service charge on all returned checks.

Sorry, post-dated checks will not be accepted under any circumstances. Please use a credit card if other funds are not available at the time of your appointment, or consider re-scheduling your appointment.

We offer as many office conveniences as possible to our clients: Additional to contacting us by the standard phone call, we offer online scheduling, online gift certificates, text message communication, and email. It's a busy world!

At this time, we are unable to accommodate Walk-In appointments. However, we will do our best to try fulfilling same-day appointment requests. Please be patient!

Online scheduling is available on your computer or smart device 24/7. New & existing clients may book themselves online at their convenience! Note: For same-day appointments, you will only be able to see available times after two hours from your viewing time. For example, if you are visiting our Schedulicity page at 8am, you will only be able to see times available after 10am.

Can't get online, call, or email, but have texting handy? Send a message to 563.320.0132 and we'll respond as soon as we're near the phone again.

Need a gift certificate, pronto? We offer Online Instant Gift Certificates. Click "Order Instant Gift Certificates" near the top of our website. From there, choose either a specific service or name a dollar amount----No matter what you select, the paid dollar value may redeemed any way your recipient desires. At checkout choose to either print your own GC, send it via email, or have us postal mail it for you at no additional charge.
Don't have internet access? Easy! Reach us by phone, email, or text, and we can either arrange a meeting time at our office for you to pick up a certificate, OR we can take payment by phone (or you mail a check made payable to Healing Arts in the amount desired, stating recipient), and once payment is confirmed/received we'll postal mail the certificate to either you or your recipient (whichever address you provide). Whatever works best for you, we'll find a way!

With phone calls, email, and texting, please be patient if you must leave a message. If no one answers immediately, we likely may be with a client during their appointment, or have stepped out of the office momentarily. If you don't hear from us within a couple hours, we have not forgotten you and certainly are not ignoring you! It's either the result of a solid schedule, or we may even be away at a work or continuing-education event.
We ask that you please not call/leave voicemail, email, or text repeatedly. If calling, please DO leave a message, and avoid calling repeatedly and hanging up. This slows our response time a great deal filtering through multiple calls and messages.

You sure can! It's paid for---someone may as well get some good out of it!

If there was a mistake in the transaction, we will refund the difference to the purchaser, only.
Gift certificates may not be redeemed for cash.
If you cannot have or are not interested in a particular service stated on your gift certificate, we welcome you to use the dollar value for that service toward any other service.

By Iowa law, gift certificate dollar values may not expire until completely redeemed. Certain rules allow some gift certificates' unused amount to descrease in value over certain periods of time. We have not yet implemented those rules. HOWEVER, if your gift certificate was acquired through a fundraiser, benefit, or other special auction/giveaway, that dollar amount was not paid to Healing Arts and therefore may have an expiration date. ALL COUPONS AND DONATED GIFT CERTIFICATES ISSUED PRIOR TO NOVEMBER 1, 2013 ARE EXPIRED, EVEN IF NO EXPIRATION DATE IS PRINTED, AND MAY NOT BE REDEEMED. This notice was made public in August 2013. If issued on or after November 1, 2013 and no expiration is stated, please contact our office inquiring about redemption.

Please know that gift certificates do not gain value the longer they go unused. Your massage or spa service will not be any better the longer you wait to use it. Our gift certificates are best enjoyed when redeemed soon after receipt!

Life happens---we won't hold that against you. We simply ask that you keep clear communication with us.

If you know you will or think you might run late, even just a few minutes, please give us a heads-up---Calling the office is best, especially if close to the appointment time. If you have your bodyworker's direct phone number or email, you may choose to contact them that way. When it doubt, call the office, and definitely leave a message if no answer right away.

If you find out you need to cancel or reschedule, please do so RIGHT AWAY. Doing so may mean we can free up our time to allow another client to take your place (which usually requires adequate notice), or allow us to make use of our time otherwise, such as running errands or being home with family a little longer.

If you completely forget your appointment (it's hard to believe anyone could forget a massage, but it happens!), please acknowledge that you are aware of the missed appointment. It just lets us know you aren't "flaky", or are a habitual forget-er.

It isn't our intention to stress you out about "minding the schedule", but we do want to be sure all clients' and bodyworkers' time is being respected---that way, everyone has the adequate time they need & deserve to feel relaxed & renewed. Therefore, we ask that you please understand the following policies in such circumstances:

Late Arrival: Client is still responsible for the full amount of the scheduled service/time. (Think: If you reserve a hotel room for three days but show up on the 2nd day and only stay for 2, you still owe for the time & accommodations you reserved.) If you book a 1-hour massage for 10am but don't arrive until 10:10am, you may receive massage for the remaining time but will still owe for the 1-hour massage that you requested.
Exception: Some services require a specific amount of time and cannot be shortened. If you arrive late to such appointments, you may not be able to receive them at all, but will still be responsible for the original cost.
Important Note: If you are 10+ minutes late and we have not received correspondance from you (call, text, email...call being first preferred), we may consider you as a No-Show and will cancel your appointment so that we may allow another client to book the remaining time, or to otherwise use our time appropriately.

No-Show or Last-Minute-Cancel: We generally reserve this for those who habitually No-Show or cancel at the last minute (as in, more than once in any period of time, at the bodyworker's discretion). Once in a while it just happens, but if it becomes problematic or frequent we may require any of the following:
-Payment for missed appointment(s)
-Pre-payment for any future appointments, with no option of carrying prepayment over to another appointment if you still miss that appointment
-Removing scheduling privileges temporarily or indefinitely, so that others may book with us and so that we may make appropriate use of our time