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Online scheduling

Payment Policy
Payment is due at the time of service. Paying before or after your appointment is up to you. Some people prefer to pay first so they may spend a few more minutes relaxing at the end. Some universal gift certificates, such as Spafinder for example, require you to present them before the appointment to verify that the remaining GC credit is sufficient for the desired service.

Accepted methods of payment are: cash, credit/debit cards, ​personal checks, Healing Arts gift certificates Sacred Heart Scrip, and Maquoketa Chamber Bucks. Maquoketa Christmas Dollars are accepted during designated seasonal dates.

Gift Certificate Policy
We appreciate when gift certificates at the time of service. However, if you should lose or forget to bring your gift certificate, or received yours via e-mail, we will do a certificate look-up in our records.

The dollar amount listed on our gift certificates may be applied toward any service with any therapist---just like going to a store and using the gift card amount toward your total payment at check-out. Any remainder owed is the responsibility of the client. OR, if there is gift certificate left over after the service cost is deducted, that remaining dollar amount may be applied toward any other future service. HOWEVER, if a specific SERVICE or THERAPIST is listed by "Amount or Service," the gift certificate will be honored only toward the specific service or therapist listed.

Gift certificates do not expire until fully redeemed---but your bodywork will feel better TODAY rather than tomorrow!

We do not offer refunds or cash back for unused or unwanted gift certificates. Credit may be transferred to another person with the permission of the intended recipient or of the purchaser of the certificate. For further questions on gift certificate redemption, please contact our office to speak with an associate.

Scheduling Policy
Life happens---we won't hold that against you. We simply ask that you keep clear communication with us, and to honor the time we have reserved exclusively for your visit.

If an appointment needs to be canceled or changed for any reason, or you happen to run late, please call 563-653-4880. DO leave a message if there is no immediate answer---We will check messages as soon as we are available. You may also inform us by text (563.320.0132) or email if more than 24 hours prior to your appointment, but the main office line is our preferred method of communication.

Appointments must be canceled or changed no less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time. If canceled with less than 24 hours' notice, OR if the client No-Shows the appointment, the client is responsible for up to the full session cost---Client will be invoiced, and will be allowed to reschedule once payment is remitted. Payment for missed or late-cancel appointments may be deducted from that client's existing gift certificate credit, if any.

Clients who arrive late are responsible for the full cost of the scheduled session, whether or not the session was able to be provided in full.

If you are ill or experience other extenuating circumstances, please contact our office as soon as possible at 563-652-4880.

To schedule an appointment during your preferred day & time, please plan to schedule several days or weeks in advance. More immediate appointments may be available if there is no preference on day or time, therapist, or length of service. We will do our best

We are unable to accommodate Walk-In appointments at this time. We will do our best to schedule clients as soon as possible. Please CALL the office--instead of stopping by--to schedule an appointment, so you may speak directly to an associate.

If you have other questions regarding scheduling appointments, please contact our office to speak with an associate.