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Reiki (rei - ki, roughly translating to "life force/source energy") focuses on the energy that flows within and around the body, in one's aura. An aura is comprised of 7 major chakras and thousands of smaller chakras, or intersections of energy channels. They are supposed to influence every aspect of overall being: mental, spiritual/emotional, and physical function.

Think of your energy flowing in a specific direction, similar to a vast system of rivers, or even automobile traffic. When in balance, the water or traffic is flowing smoothly with no dry or empty zones and no flooding or traffic jams. When your energy is stagnant or flowing backwards, it may reflect or manifest physically, emotionally, mentally...usually each of these to some degree.

Reiki is like prayer, with a positive intention asking for guidance or healing on any aspect of health/being, to live toward the means of one's highest good. (However, Reiki is not attached to any religion in particular.) Reiki cannot be used to cause harm or anything that is not meant to be / in one's highest good or true self. To gather, Reiki seeks to restore balance to overall health of one's being, particularly via the metaphysical (or "beyond" the physical) elements (ki / chi / qi, or energy) that influences and is influenced by the physical elements of the being.

​In a typical Reiki session, the client will lay on a massage/Reiki table or sit in a chair, fully-clothed and comfortable. The Reiki practitioner will usually hold or "hover" her hands somewhere above the body, or sometimes directly on (over clothing) a particular area of concern, such as a knee or shoulder if pain was a complaint. Sometimes tools such as a pendulum or healing stones/crystals are incorporated (selected by the client), to aid in the process of Reiki.

Reiki Sessions                            Animal / Pet Reiki*
30 minutes.....$30,00                    30 minutes.....$35.00
45 minutes.....$45.00                    Animal Reiki held at alternate Maquoketa location:
1 hour........... .$60.00                    Location/directions given at time of scheduling.
A form of intuitive reading or insight, angel card readings are similar to traditional tarot (teh-ROH, versus TAIR-oh) cards. A few different decks created by Doreen Virtue, PhD and Radleigh Valentine (both professional intuitives) such as Healing with the AngelsMessages from the Angels, as wells as other decks, are a tool to be interpreted by the card reader. Ask any question---as long as it pertains to your highest good and not for negative purposes against yourself or others (or it just won't work)---regarding health, love, career, or other aspects of life in which you seek advice from your angels / guides / loved ones who have passed-on.

**Please Note** Angel Oracle Card sessions are not intended to predict the future. The future is not set in stone as you have many choices and can choose your own outcome or path. Insight received during angel oracle card sessions is intended for current circumstances, and are often a reminder (especially if we are feeling stuck, negative, worried, etc.) that we are being lovingly watched over by our guides who work and advise only with intent to help us fulfill our highest good.

Angel Oracle Cards Sessions
15-minute basic reading...............$15.00
1-hour Celtic Cross reading..........$60.00
Literally meaning "Life Force Practice". QiGong (CHEE Gong), is a Chinese modality practiced with the client fully clothed (loose clothing). QiGong uses the practitioner's deep, non-judgmental focus (as in a prayer for your highest good) and touches gently on the client's body and slightly over the client's body to restore smooth Qi (life force) flow. It is deeply relaxing, supportive and emotionally balancing.

QiGong Sessions
45 minutes.....$45.00
1 hour............$60.00

QiGong + Shiatsu Combo
90 minutes to 2 hours.....$70.00

Use the drop-down menu to the left to pay/register for a class. Payment may also be made by check payable to Margie Donatsch and mailed/dropped of to: Healing Arts, 117 S. Main St., Maquoketa, IA 52060A minimum 50% deposit is required to ensure your spot in class & materials provided for you, & remainder of payment is due the day of class in order to receive training, keep provided materials, and receive your certificate of completion.
PLEASE PROVIDE EMAIL &/OR PHONE # at online checkout so we may add you to the class roster.

Usui Reiki I: Includes class materials
Prerequisite: Interest in learning the healing art of Reiki!
8.4 CEHs for social workers  --  7.0 contact hours for nurses. See below for more info.

Usui Reiki II: Includes "Reiki" handbook, additional class materials
Prerequisite: Reiki I. If you have taken Reiki I training with another teacher, you MUST provide a certificate of completion or other proof of completed competent training.
8.4 CEHs for social workers -- 7.0 contact hours for nurses. See below for more info.

Usui Reiki 3A/ART (Advanced Reiki Training): Includes class materials
Prerequisite: Reiki I & II. If you have taken either or both Reiki I / II training with another teacher, you MUST provide a certificate of completion or other proof of completed training.

Usui Reiki Master-Teacher
More information coming soon.

Karuna Reiki
Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher
More information coming soon.

Reiki Class Audit: Audit any Reiki I, II, or 3A/ART training class you have taken with Margie for only $50.
Prerequisite: The class you are auditing must have been taken previously with Margie.

NEW---Approved by area community college for EACH Usui Reiki I & II:
8.4 CEHs for social workers
7.0 contact hours for nurses
$10.00 additional fee for hours transcript, payable at time of class. Please contact Healing Arts prior to class day to request CEH/contact hours transcript.

7 days'/1 weeks' notice or more:
Refund minus $10.00 processing fee, or apply payment as credit toward a future Reiki training.
24 hours' up to 7 days' notice:
Refund minus 50% class cost, or apply payment as credit toward a future Reiki training.
Call or email HEALING ARTS to notify of cancellation >24 hours: 563-652-4880HealingArtsMaq@gmail.com
Less than 24 hours' notice:
No refund, but may apply payment as credit toward a future Reiki training.
Call or text MARGIE to notify of cancellation: 563-320-0677
Reiki Practitioner Training
Include email &/or phone # at checkout so we may add you to the class roster!

Usui Reiki I
Sunday, June 10th, 9am-4pm

Usui Reiki II
Monday, June 11th, 9am-4pm

Usui Reiki 3A/Advanced
Sunday, July 8th, 9am-4pm

Classes are held at the Healing Arts office in downtown Maquoketa.

Bring a sack lunch (refrigerator/kitchen provided). We will take a brief lunch break & return to class.

No group is too small. Contact Healing Arts via email or phone to request a class date. Click to request a class.