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All services are $1/minute, unless otherwise noted.
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Pressure:  Light  -  Medium  -  Firm
Swedish massage is the most familiar form of massage in Western culture. When people in the West say "massage" this is generally what comes to mind, without realizing that it's specifically Swedish. It includes other modalities such as Hot Stone massage and Chinese Cupping, prenatal, relaxation, & deep-tissue/restorative, & Sports massage. Our Couples Massage sessions are done in Swedish massage style. It typically uses some sort of lubricant (oil, lotion, cream, or gel) and uses lighter to heavier strokes of petrissage and effluerage, generally moving the blood toward the heart/upper body.

The client dresses down to her or his comfort level & depending on the focus of the massage (full-body, partial-body, one particular problem area, etc.). Some people remove all of their clothing, some remove all except under garments, some people remove very little if anything (in which case lubricant would not be used). Regardless of how much clothing is removed, the client is ALWAYS fully-draped, and the ONLY area uncovered at any time is the area being worked on (one leg, one arm, the back, the shoulders/neck, etc.) and everything else is securely draped to respect the client's modesty.

​30min, 45min, 1 hour, 75min, 90min, 2 hours

Pressure:  Light  -  Medium
Side-lying massage is a modified way of offering massages that are typically done in prone (face-down) and supine (face-up) positions on a table or mat.

It makes massage more accessible to expectant mothers, as well as persons with relatively recent surgeries that may prevent them from lying on their stomach or back, but who could certainly use the benefits of relaxation and (gentle) restorative massage during their time of healing (if post-surgical), or as an expectant mother (especially in trimesters 2 & 3) experiencing all the significant bodily changes (body chemistry as well as structure) of pregnancy. Cushions are provided for the client's head, neck, & shoulders, as well as hips, knees, & feet to provide comfortable support.

This can be done for both Swedish and Thai massages. To schedule this, there are no specific "Prenatal/Side-Lying" options, but just to choose your duration of Swedish or Thai massage, & perhaps mention "prenatal" in the appointment notes at the end.

30min, 45min, 1 hour

Pressure:  Medium  -  Firm  -  Very  firm
With the unique contour & surface area, and the leverage & agility of the therapist's feet, Fijian Barefoot massage is able to address more connective tissue in one movement/stroke, and with less pain or feeling of "digging" while still benefiting deeper soft tissues. While it has the potential to also provide more pressure for the client (if he or she prefers), Fijian Barefoot allows for the engagement of more than one muscle at a time, giving a sense of slightly increased intensity (not to be confused with pain), while also providing a deep relaxation benefit.

In order to have proper leverage to execute this technique, the therapist must stand higher than the client's body. Therefore, it is necessary for the client to lie on a massage table lowered to the floor, providing a thickly-padded surface that raises several inches away from the floor, giving the client a "boost" if he or she normally has difficult raising from the floor.

Fijian Barefoot, Traditional - Therapist works over clothing of fully-dressed client, similar to Thai massage
Fijian Oil Barefoot - Client dresses down to comfort level, therapist's foot is directly on skin, using oil of choice, similar to Swedish massage

30min, 45min, 1 hour, 75min, 90min, 2 hours

***Please Note*** Never at any time will the therapist use her feet to massage the client's face, but rather with clean hands. Additionally, the therapist will also never use her full body weight or totally stand on a client.

Pressure:  Light  -  Medium
The treat that spoils you "healthy"...instead of rotten.
Balinese massage is a holistic modality that does just that--addresses the whole being (holistic), rather than focusing only on a specific area. Accordingly, a Balinese massage is traditionally a full-body massage utilizing specific techniques passed through numerous generations across Indonesia which address not only one's physical anatomy, but also the metaphysical (energetic) anatomy as it works consciously of the body's sen lines (or energy channels) which usually follow along the grooves in muscle tissue. Many of the techniques also resemble aspects of everyday Indonesian life: ox plowing the field, cooking the rice, "bumbu" or the spice of life, and more.

Before the session begins, the client is invited to select one of the six 100% organic massage oils designed around the scent traditions associated with various cultural celebrations---all products "created with a conscience" that everything one puts onto the body, one also puts into the body. When the session begins, the client's feet receive a warm, welcoming foot soak. The massage consists of both dry & oiled techniques, and can be very invigorating as it clearly promotes blood flow throughout the tissue, without necessarily using a lot of pressure----amount of intensity can always be adjusted according to the client's comfort. Immediately following the massage is a soothing dry back scrub, an offering of organic herbal elixir (further promoting healing/detoxification within as well as externally with the bodywork), & the client receives a small gift to take home to continue self-care.

Balinese Massage & Spa Ritual
75-90 minutes...............$80.00

Pressure:  Light  -  Medium  -  Firm
Several smooth, palm-sized stones are warmed in advance, then used in the client's massage to create a localized heating effect. Some stones are left stationary on certain areas of the body where there may be greater tension, while other stones are used in the strokes of the massage, allowing the heat to transfer to the soft tissues of the body, encouraging vaso-dilation of the blood vessels & allowing more fresh, nutrient-rich blood to nourish the area of tension.

The stones are never too hot (if the therapist can't touch them, she won't put them on your body) and are used with caution around the bony landmarks of the body. The therapist will always check with the client for temperature and pressure feedback. For some people, Hot Stone massage is very relaxing, while others find great benefit in the gentle warming quality of the technique.

Hot Stone Massage Add-Ons    (per person, if couples massage)
​Mini Stones (a few stones on 1 or 2 areas during massage)....$5.00
Full-session hot stones (used throughout entire massage)...$15.00​ above Swedish price

30min, 45min, 1 hour

Pressure:  Light
As stated by Jackie Noel, RN/LMT (Education Destinations CEU manual):
"This lymphatic drainage therapy uses external hands on positions and techniques to move fluid out of the body tissue and into the lymphatic system. The therapist uses different hand positions and movements to gently stretch the skin thus theymph system's microfilaments below the skin will open the lymph channels so fluid can move the interstitial fluid to the lymphatic system. These channels will be stimulated to contract and fluid will be propelled away from the tissue where it has pooled."

This modality uses very light pressure (about the weight of a nickel-coin, hand-to-skin). Lymphatic drainage may be helpful: before or after surgery; in recovery of soft-tissue injuries; to sluggish immune systems such as with colds and allergies; with symptoms of chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, mild depression; with "Traveler's edema"; to free blocked flow through scar tissue (surgery/injury); in improving the condition of the skin as it helps to remove waste and toxins; in lowering blood pressure.

Lymphatic Drainage Sessions
Available as an Add-On upon request with any session provided by Alliza or Dena
No additional charge.

Pressure:  Light (facial/sinus)  -  Medium  -  Firm
Before more-modern devices were used, it is said that the earlier Chinese used bamboo stalks cut into cups (as the chutes grow in segments) and use fire to create a natural vacuum in the space between the bamboo cup & the client's body. The cups were usually left stationary on the body, thus this technique often being referred to as acu-cupping. Our office uses a glass+plastic cupping set that does NOT require the use of fire but instead uses a device to manually (& safely) create a vacuum in the space between the client's body and the cup, and the focus is to affect the muscles & surrounding soft tissues rather than the intent being on acupressure points.

When using Chinese Cupping with massage, the cups may be left stationary but are also moved across the surface of the skin with lubrication--sometimes briskly, sometimes slowly. The purpose is to encourage stagnant blood (which may prevent the release of tension) in the deeper tissues of the client's body to move toward the more superficial layers of soft tissue. This then allows fresh, oxygenated, & nutrient-rich blood to flow into those deeper soft tissues to improve range-of-motion and reduce any pain.

Chinese Cupping Add-On
Any number of cups, used throughout the massage............$5.00

***Please Note*** It is common for this method to leave a temporary coloration at the skin. It is NOT a bruise & does not cause damage to any tissues, but may appear from a light pink to a dark red, typically lasting 1-2 days (if at all), or up to a week in cases of severe tension/stagnation in blood in deep tissues.

Pressure:  Light  -  Medium  -  Firm
Whether you are celebrating a special milestone with your loved one, or just having an "us" day with your best friend, spouse, or other fun-to-be-with person in your life, couples massage provides you the opportunity to spend your entire massage session in the same room with each other.

Some duos prefer this type of session if they wish to converse and unwind in an environment without distractions, or for friends/loved ones wishing to introduce someone special to the world of massage therapy and do so by joining them in receiving massage so that the other will not have to experience their first massage session alone.

As mentioned above, couples massage can either be a romantic mini-getaway, or a private, undistracted unwinding getaway for good friends and family members together.

Couples - Swedish
1 hour............$120.00
75 minutes....$150.00
90 minutes....$180.00

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Pressure: Light - Medium
​Literally meaning "finger pressure", Shiatsu is practiced with the client fully clothed (loose clothing). This deeply relaxing therapy includes stretches, compression, and thumb pressure along lines of connective tissue in a prescribed order and direction. Shiatsu is designed to affect and alleviate tension deep in the body as well as provide the client with a sense of safe and nurturing retreat.

Shiatsu sessions              Shiatsu + QiGong Combo
​75 minutes......$65.00         90 minutes to 2 hours.......$75.00

Pressure:  Medium  -  Firm
Thai or Thai-Yoga massage originates (as the name suggests) in Thailand. It is frequently referred to as Thai-"Yoga" because in executes some of the postures of physical Yoga practice, but in a passive way for the client/recipient where the bodyworker safely & slowly moves the client's body into the posture.

Thai-Yoga massage is traditionally done on a cushy mat on the floor, but can also be done on a raised massage table. The client is always fully-dressed in clothing that allows movement (sweats or workout clothes---no jeans or tightly-fitting garments---are preferred for optimal therapeutic bodywork). Instead of using oil or lotion for strokes as in Swedish massage, Thai massage uses stretching & compression. It gives similar attention to the muscles & surrounding soft tissues as in Swedish massage, but with added influence on the soft tissue in joints.

Clients often exit their appointments commenting that they feel "taller" or "more limber" from Thai-Yoga massage.

30min, 45min, 1 hour, 75min, 90min, 2 hours