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Covid-19 Information - Modifications to Our Business Operation
What a time!
We have spent the several weeks of our temporary closure staying updated with factual information from reliable health and government authorities and industry leaders. Since this is an evolving situation, information on this page regarding our business operation will update accordingly.

These policies will remain in place for the foreseeable future. If they do not align with your beliefs, please wait to schedule another time.

SCHEDULING:  Please postpone your appointment if, in the past 14 days, you or anyone you live with:
  • Have traveled internationally or were in places where a high volume of international exchange occurs, i.e. airports, bus stations, train stations.
  • Have been to a “hotspot” area, i.e. an area where there is report of a high number of positive COVID-19 cases, relative to where you live.
  • Have been diagnosed or tested positive for COVID-19.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Please call 563-652-4880 to cancel your appointment and leave a message if
our machine answers before we do. Our cancellation policy will be flexible during this time. Of course,
we prefer 24 hours’ notice, but would rather not put other clients and our families at risk if you or a
loved one is unwell. However, no-call/no-show behavior is still unacceptable in a non-emergency
situation and will be charged according to our policy on a case-by-case basis.

  • The door will remain locked at all times. Your LMT will contact you with instructions how to proceed; i.e. stay in your car til called or signaled, social distance on the sidewalk until 5 mins before your contact time, etc.
  • Come alone. Our waiting area will not be available. If you need assistance, we will ask that your attendant help you in, then wait outside until your appointment has concluded. The LMT will signal them when they can return to assist you.
  • Bring only what is necessary. Keys, phone, calendar, water bottle, form of payment.
  • Bring a mask. You will be required to wear a mask for the duration of your visit, one that covers nose, and mouth/chin. Certain other non-mask exhalation barrier methods may be used when you are prone (face down) during the hands-on portion of your massage.  This is now mandated by the State of Iowa.
  • Sanitize your hands upon entry. Sanitizer is available at our front entrance and in each room.
  • Blue tape lines on walls are there to help you social distance with other clients and LMTs moving through the area.
  • Your LMT will wear a mask and will change out her mask and apron/clothing for each client.
  • Refusal to wear a mask: Please note that refusal to wear a mask correctly, or failure to provide one’s own, will result in the client not being able to enter our facility, and the client will not be able to receive massage. Additionally, the client is still responsible financially for the entire appointment time.
  • We will not supply masks. Please also note that we will not be supplying masks or PPE to clients as we do not have access a sufficient supply chain for such items.
  • Use a restroom prior to your visit, if possible. Our restroom will be available, if needed; however, the sanitation requirements after every use, along with our entry door locked at all times, make it problematic.

  • Temperature/Screening Questions:
                --> Your LMT will take your temperature with a non-touch thermometer and will ask you a set of screening                         questions.
                --> On your FIRST visit, you will be given a new intake form regarding our new COVID-19 policies and be asked to                         sign your acknowledgement of said policies and attest to full disclosure during future visit verbal screening.
                --> PLEASE NOTE that if a client has been intentionally/deliberately dishonest with the screening questions, it will                         result in permanent loss of scheduling privileges. Such dishonesty with the screening process in order to                         receive massage endangers our staff and other clients. This is not an offense we are willing to tolerate. It has                         been a stressful time for everyone; we will do our best to accommodate each client, but will not compromise our                         standards to do so.

  • Payment/Checkout will be done in the massage room instead of out at the desk.
                --> You may choose to prepay for your appointment by phone, using the card info used to hold the appointment, or  
                       via digital invoice from the LMT.
                --> If paying by check, please fill out the check prior to your visit.
                --> If paying with cash, please bring the exact dollar amount to minimize the handling of paper money.
                --> If paying with GC, you may still bring in any paper/printed GCs you have.

  • Exit with care. Sanitize or wash your hands using the provided sanitizer. We cherish our time and conversation with you, but forgive us if we don’t have as much time to chat as increased disinfection protocols require additional effort and time in between appointments.

APPOINTMENT FOLLOW-UP: Please notify us ASAP if you or someone you live with has:
  • Sudden onset of illness and/or COVID-19 symptoms or exposure.
  • Diagnosis or positive COVID-19 test results
...in the 14 days following your visit with us. Please include us in the contact tracing notifications so we can quarantine if necessary to protect our families and other clients.

This is a LOT of information to digest.
Thank you for giving this your full attention.

It is very important that all persons using our facility adhere to these requirements,
as consistency of these practices is what will make our efforts more effective in preserving
the health and safety of every person who enters Healing Arts.

If you have questions about any part of this new process, we welcome you to reach out to us for discussion:
Call our office: 563-652-4880