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Massage & Bodywork Sessions with Dena Ochoa, LMT, RYT
    Dena's sessions are all-inclusive, blending the focus of in-depth clinical work with the luxurious feel of pampering services in order to provide a unique results-based holistic experience. Sessions may include the following styles of massage & bodywork, when appropriate for the client's session goals:

Swedish Massage                 Hawaiian LomiLomi Massage            Fijian Barefoot Massage
Seated/Chair Massage      (Hot) Himalayan Salt Stones              Massage Cupping
Lymphatic Drainage            Reflexology (hands or feet)                (Cold) Soapstones
Private Yoga                             Prenatal Massage                                   (Cold) Marble stones Migraine Relief
Thai Herbal Compress       Traditional Thai Massage                    Balinese Massage
Restorative Massage          Sports Massage                                         Deep-Tissue Massage
Spa Facial Massage              Ear Coning/Candling                              Steam Therapy
Reiki                                              (Warm) Bamboo Massage

    All-inclusive means that sessions include speciality products and tools used in-session as well as available to take home for continued self-care with specific instruction for use, at NO additional charge. **Tips are NOT accepted with Dena's all-inclusive sessions.**  When arriving on time, clients will receive at least the minimum time stated for a session, but should expect to receive the maximum time stated---If needing to end a session by a specific time, the client will need to let Dena know before the session begins.

    30- and 60-day custom treatment plans are available for clients with more urgent or complex needs. Contact Dena for a consultation to determine a treatment plan ideal to help you achieve your personal wellness goals.

Complimentary Consultation
20-30 minutes
    Dena discusses with the client their personal wellness needs & goals--addressing acute or chronic pain, stress, or total relaxation. This is also an opportunity for Dena to examine these issues more accurately in-person to determine which session and treatment plan is ideal based on findings in this session. May include a few minutes of sample hands-on bodywork to determine the most beneficial techniques to utilize in the suggested treatment plan.

    A complimentary consultation is ideal for clients who are new to Healing Arts, or new to receiving bodywork with Dena, or returning clients who have not had massage for several months and wish to address new issues.

​Spot Work   $85
    45-60 minutes of hands-on bodywork, plus pre- and post-session assessment, focusing on a specific problem area or region of the body. This may also be used for clients needing more frequent visits between regular sessions in order to efficiently address more immediate/demanding pain & dysfunction, until an optimal level of relief & maintenance is achieved.

    Spot Work sessions may also be the ideal length of time for prenatal massage and post-birth, and also for upright/seated chair massage.

Full Session   $145
90-120 minutes of hands-on time, plus pre- and post-session assessment, consisting of comprehensive massage & bodywork, providing a true full-body massage experience, or allowing adequate time for extensive focus for clients with more complex or widespread pain/dysfunction.

Massage + Foot Reflexology    $65
45-60 minutes
    Reflexology is based on the premise that there are zones or reflex points in the feet (as well as hands & other extremities) related to organs & areas of the body, thereby potentially influencing those areas by stimulating the associated point(s) in the foot. Thorough foot reflexology combined with massage of the feet & lower legs, & moisturizing foot treatment. May include lymphatic drainage, hot/warm stones or bamboo, cold stones, massage cupping, Thai & Balinese massage techniques to promote blood & lymph circulation & stimulate nerve endings for a sense of restored vitality.

    If massage of the body is not ideal for the client due to inability to lie on a massage table or sit in a massage chair and receive pressure above the knees, this session may be an excellent alternative in order to experience whole-body benefit.

Head-to-Toe    $199
3 solid hours of blissful, tension-melting, stress-busting bodywork

Soak feet in a magnesium-rich, warm foot bath while receiving Reflexology to initiate the relaxation process.

 After transitioning to the massage table, experience ~2 hours of:
Balinese massage, which uses slow, dry and oiled massage techniques to first invigorate the muscle tissue and then induce a deep sense of calm; Luk Pra Kob, or Thai herbal compresses, steamed during foot soak to quicken herbal ingredients and to warm compresses, incorporated into the massage.

 Experience is rounded out with traditional Balinese Boreh Boreh, or dry herbal scrub (soft and powdery, not coarse like sugar or salt scrubs), with similar ingredients to the herbal compresses to promote circulation to the abdomen and back, then rinsed away.

 Prior to the day of your session I will inquire whether you would like a beverage of hot herbal tea (steeped before you head home) or Thai iced tea (a creamy, slightly sweet yet herb-y chilled drink) freshly served in a to-go container.
 Thai herbal compresses are created for one-client use, which means you get to take them home with instructions about storage and continued use so you can reap maximum benefits of this luxurious treatment!
 You'll be taking home a package with a few other wellness goodies so that the restorative process may continue well beyond the initial 3-hour session.

Disclaimer: Once clients receive a luxurious 3-hour session, it becomes difficult to willfully return to anything shorter than 2 hours. Frequently experienced are longer-lasting, higher-impact positive results. Who *doesn't* enjoy weeks/months of being pain-free with lower stress levels?  :)

Private Yoga and Ear Coning/Candling sessions are available by recommendation-only, as these sessions require more specific customization in order to experience optimal benefits. Please contact Dena if you would like to discuss the intent & benefits of  Private Yoga or Ear Coning sessions. - Ear Coning currently not available during Covid-19 pandemic