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Healing Arts Therapeutic Massage
Located near the heart of downtown Maquoketa, IA, we at Healing Arts strive to provide you with the highest quality of service in the industry of massage therapy & related holistic bodywork.

Each guest is treated as they are: an individual with unique health/wellness needs. We perform an extensive intake & analysis of one's current state of health, & make appropriate recommendations for further improvement with future bodywork.

....All of this, while also helping you feel as if you've walked into your very own private, healthy escape from the busy world.

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Experience the luxury of Indonesia with a
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or float with an ancient Hawaiian
Temple-Style LomiLomi massage

...and it's all right in downtown Maquoketa.

New on the Service Menu
 The Magnesium Immersion
For a variety of health benefits, from
pure relaxation, to management of chronic pain,
and a multitude of other health conditions often
linked to magnesium deficiency, or hypomagnesia.

The experience:
A full-body (except face, to avoid eyes) saturating massage application of magnesium "oil"
(magnesium chloride in distilled water),
derived from the Zechstein Sea, followed by
a MgCl soak & massage of feet+lower legs.

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